The Garbett Family Foundation

The Garbett Family Foundation (formerly known as The Benjamin Foundation) is a private family foundation founded in 2001 by Jan Garbett and her husband Bryson, founders of Garbett Homes. The foundation has a deep commitment to advancing worthy charitable causes that enhance the lives of communities in Utah and around the world.

Since 2001 The Garbett Family Foundation has donated over $3,900,000 to many organizations that are focused on religious, charitable, scientific, literary and educational improvements on a national scale.

In the service of our fellow man

Some of the Causes We Support

Foundation Escalera

Foundation Escalera’s mission is to unlock economic opportunity for indigenous youth in Mexico through education. Escalera accomplishes its mission using economic incentives (scholarships), entrepreneurial training, and literacy programs. The foundation was recently recognized by the Social Innovation Journal as one of the most innovative foundations in Latin America. In fact, Escalera’s innovative impact evaluation recently revealed that one out of seven students would not have continued their education without support from an Escalera scholarship. Since 1998 Escalera’s programs have benefitted over 100,000 students through scholarships, school building projects, and entrepreneurial training programs. The foundation believes that quality education can literally “change everything” in a young person’s life.

Epik Deliberate Digital

As a proponent of digital literacy and responsible action among today’s youth, EPIK teaches digital responsibility and good citizenship to young people. In 2017, Benjamin Foundation helped host the national Digital Citizenship Summit in Utah. The United Nations Civil Society gave global recognition for EPIK’s success and their collective impact. Benjamin Foundations contributions was also instrumental in the passing of Utah House Bill 213, a legislation that empowers a student to make smart media and online choices.

Salt Lake Choral Artists

The Benjamin Foundation helped the Salt Lake Choral artists find a permanent base in 2017. $500,000 was successfully raised and the Benjamin Foundation matched it so they could buy a permanent home that is now called The E.W.Garbett Institute for Choral Arts. It is a beautiful old Church that has been repurposed filling the community with beautiful music and the spirit of unity as members of the choir come from many religious, educational, economic, ethnic and financial backgrounds. It is a great blessing in our community.

We are grateful for your assistance to make Writing Studies Scholars a premiere transfer student program at the U—one others are looking to as the gold-standard for transfer student success. 

― Lexie Kite, Ph.D.
Director of Development
College of Humanities | University of Utah


Please know that your donation has been utilized in a very careful manner and will have great positive impact on so many.  We are so grateful to you all.  Please share our gratitude with your family.  Allow them to know that your family has now had positive impact on 121 children in Tuxtla, Mexico. Thank you so much for your kindness. 

― Ian McCracken
Co Founder – Building Youth Around the World